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One Question Interview with Karen Adams

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Karen Adams is an author and public speaker sharing her pioneering experiences, in her biography called 'Women in Scarlet', as one of the first 32 women accepted into the ranks of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1974. Having retired from teaching at MacEwan University in 2015, Karen enjoys life in her ocean view home on Vancouver Island, where she spends countless hours sitting at the marina with friends and family.


1. Listening To The Whispers From The Universe

What’s the universe trying to tell you? It’s soooo easy, and sometimes preferred, to stay constantly frantic so that the universe’s obvious signs go unnoticed. There’s power in putting out the question ‘what should I do next?’ and allowing for space, quiet and tranquility to receive the response. For Karen, that response came in the form of an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show - I wonder what it might be for you?

2. Keep Learning

On our quest to move ourselves in the direction of our vision we may need more information, skills, education, mentorship, or experience. This is an indication to get outside of our comfort zone rather than an indication that we should return to what’s familiar. In Karen’s case, that meant going back to school; for me it meant hiring a Life Coach and sorting through my s$%t. What is it for you?


Life isn't about how you survived the's about how you danced in the rain.” 

Regina Brett


3. Knowing What You Do or Don’t Want

Some people are galvanized by the dream and others are galvanized by the nightmare. Neither is better than the other- what matters is that we harness that energy to push us into taking action. What’s happens when we are inspired by the nightmare or inspired by the dream? For Karen, that meant acknowledging that in order to stop moving her family from city to city she needed to go back to school. For me, it was the dream of being able to live out my values in all areas of my life that inspired me to start working with a Life Coach.

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