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How I KNEW I Was Stuck in a Rut

I knew that something in my life wasn’t right for many, many years. At the time I thought if I just worked harder and achieved more I could outrun feelings of unfulfillment and fatigue. Whenever I felt that urge to try something that might challenge my ‘stuckness’, I would double down on my efforts to ‘achieve’ my way out of my disenchantment. Does this sound familiar? If so, let’s take a look at the beliefs that kept me stuck in a rut. Maybe these beliefs are keeping you stuck too.


"Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life."

~Robin Sharma


1. I BELIEVED in Limiting Beliefs

I became engulfed in the life sucking circle of ‘I’m too _____(fill in the blank) in order to ___________(fill in the blank). I had a particular skill for filling in the blank with my favourite words like inexperienced, exhausted, old, fat, and my favourite…busy! Any excuse would do because I fully and completely embraced my limiting beliefs. I thought these beliefs were unquestioning (Hint-I later learned I was WRONG!) Does any of this sound familiar?

2. I forgot about POSSIBILITY

Let’s hop into a time machine, I’m a young girl enthralled by the skating expertise of Kristi Yamaguchi at the 1994 Winter Olympics. After skating on my living room carpet, I knew that I was going to be an Olympian. Did I ever reach the Olympics? Nope, but it did fuel my passion for all things sports. Like many children, I lived a life where possibility reigned. As I started ‘adulting’, I slowly forgot about possibility, which was eventually replaced by limitations and practicality. Does this ring a bell?


“What might happen today if you asked for what you needed?” 

~ME! (Jasmine Charchun)


3. I was TIRED with a capital 'T'

When I say tired, I don’t mean I stayed up late to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I was ‘soul tired’ which meant that my spirit felt drained to the point of utter fatigue. I was tired from the tip of my toes to the top of my afro-I was sleep walking through my life day after day-year after year. The most important elements of my life that use to feel fulfilling and exhilarating felt completely empty. Am I hitting a nerve?

If any of this sounds familiar you are STUCK IN A RUT my friend. I have good and bad news. Bad news is that this feeling won’t go away on its own. Good news is that you don’t have to live like this anymore…I pinky swear!

Are you ready to bring joy, contentment and purpose back into your life? If so, let’s have a chat-Book your 60 min FREE-Complimentary Coaching Conversation today!

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