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3 Ways to Make Change Stick in 2019

It’s a few weeks into 2019…how’s it going so far? Did you make a resolution when the clock struck midnight and now you are white-knuckling it? In years past I made sooooo many resolutions that fell to pieces and were completely abandoned by the beginning of February. Let’s not go down that path again my friend-let’s make 2019 the year you get unstuck and out of your own way. Let’s get started…no time to waste!


Values + Benefits + Action=Results


1. Why is it important to YOU to make this change?

I want you to imagine driving down a busy highway without your steering wheel attached-how do you think that will go? That’s what happens when we want to implement change in our life without all the tools in place to do so. Take a moment in the next few days with your journal, phone, napkin..whatever you have…and scribble down all the reasons why it’s important for YOU to implement this change. For example, it is important for me to get up from my desk a least once an hour. It is important because I feel so much better after a break which means that I am able to keep showing up as my best self for those I work with.

2. Who else is going to BENEFIT from this change?

When you throw a pebble into a lake it creates ripples on the surface that inevitably spread. That’s the same affect that change has on those around us; when we make a change to one part of our lives it creates ripples that affect those around us. I invite you consider, in crystal clear detail, who else might benefit from you making a change. Create a list of the ALL the people in your life, from your partner to your yoga instructor, that will benefit from you making changes. For example, when I take time in the morning to meditate I ignite my creativity in a way that allows me to write lovely blog posts.😉


“There is a natural progression to everything in life:

plant, cultivate, harvest.” 

The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness.


3. How can you integrate LITTLE bitty actions into your life?

I was taught that in order to create change I needed to implement these massive action plans with multiple moving parts and complicated accountability mechanisms. If I missed a single step or deadline the whole schedule was off the rails and eventually I was stagnant. I invite you to consider that it’s the small daily actions done consistently over time that creates the massive results/change you are seeking. What does that mean on the ground? Doing 3 little bitty action steps daily that will move you toward your goal. For example, you want to read 12 books this year, which is completely and totally doable.

Step #1- Find a book you are interested in reading

Step #2- Buy said book

Step #3- Put said book next to your reading spot…etc.

By breaking down the change you desire in small bite sizes pieces you will avoid getting totally overwhelmed.

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HAPPY 2019!


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