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3 Step to Take After You Mess Up

Have you recently screwed up, misjudged or missed the mark? You’re in wonderful company because to be human is to make mistakes. That doesn’t mean that you need to crawl into a hole and hide away forever. You can move on and this is how…

1. Sorry is the Hardest Word

In truth, sorry is the BEST word. Apologizing to those that were caught up in your blunder means taking responsibility for your part. What does that mean exactly?🤔It means not blaming others for mistakes that you made. Trust me on this, people already know that you messed up so there is absolutely no point in pretending it didn’t happen. Taking responsibility and saying sorry will allow you to move beyond the screw up so you can move on to the next very important step.


“Experience is not the best teacher…Evaluated experience is the best teacher” 

~John Maxwell


2. Take a Look 👀

So you’ve made your apologies-now’s the time to get your thinking cap on. A blunder is an opportunity to get curious about what went wrong and to learn from the experience. Enclosed below are questions to ask yourself:

-What really happened?

-How did my beliefs and actions contribute the mistake?

-What can I learn from this experience?

-What changes do I want to commit to in order to have a better result(s) next time?

3. Forgive Yourself

This seems like such a simple step but it’s really the hardest. Forgiving yourself for your missteps and mistakes will allow you to move on. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your perspective😇), you can’t go back in time to make adjustments. However, you CAN forgive yourself. Forgiveness doesn’t mean pretending that the mess up didn’t happen-it means learning from that experience and doing better next time.

Take a moment to learn and grow from this experience. You got this!

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